Access to healthy food with rigorous traceability is getting more important every day for many consumers across the world.

Go Green is Suba’s answer to this ever-growing number of health-conscious consumers. A specific catalogue of Go Green seeds for Sprouts, Micro Greens and Baby Leaf has been developed with the objective to allow consumers to appreciate the natural taste of vegetables and discover new food perceptions and this in a health beneficial way.

We offer our Clients a wide selection of novelties, which are now finally at everybody’s disposal presented in the Go Green Sprouts catalogue.

Quality means everything to us: full traceability from field production to packaging, skilled growers trained by our team of expert agronomists, state of the art seed plant and test analysis directly in our internal laboratory are the cornerstones of the Quality we deliver to you. Our laboratory can certify seeds free from Salmonella spp., Listeria monocytogenes, Verotoxin-producing E.coli

The Quality is recognised by HACCP Food Certification (according to HACCP strict food standard approved by EU Controller Organization) and Organic CCPB Certification