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Suba Seeds Company Spa


SUBA SEEDS COMPANY found its origin in the Romagna Region, in 1974. During the years the Company affirmed itself as one of the major seeds producers both in domestic and worldwide market, dealing with the production of standard OP varieties as well as Hybrid ones, using the stockseed supplied by its customers.



Hortus Sementi srl

hortus sementiIn 1992, HORTUS srl, the Group’s Commercial arm, was established for the distribution of seeds under its own brand, with offices in the building adjacent to SIPAS, in order to optimise the production process. HORTUS immediately started to develop its own brand, OrtoVivo, and its own sales network.



Suba France sa

suba france
SUBA has been expanding its seed production range and decided to plant crops also in other parts of the world, in order to differentiate the production areas, to reduce climate-related risks and to optimise prices.The crops planted in France are increasing by the year. For this reason, together with his French partners, Augusto decided to establish a production company: in 2005, SUBA FRANCE was established with a view to increasing and consolidating its capacity and to have a production platform in central Europe.The headquarters of SUBA FRANCE are in Nogaro, in the Gers and Gascoigne area, in the south-west of France; it operates through a factory covering about 5,000 m2 and developing about 3000 hectares in various areas of France.



Royal Seeds srl

royal seedsBy 2008 the SUBA Group was well diversified and positioned both as regards distribution with Hortus, in Italy and abroad, and on the production market, in Italy with SUBA and abroad with SUBA&UNICO s.r.l. In order to acquire new market shares, Augusto therefore decided to take over the prestigious brand ROYAL SLUIS GARDEN establishing ROYAL SEEDS srl, the company which distributes the RSG brand as well as its own - ROYAL SEEDS - specializing in the semi-professional sector.



Condor Seed Inc

condor seed productionFood, Feed, Fiber and Fuel. It all starts with seed. Not only is seed the foundation of the human diet, it is the foundation of life on earth. The meal you ate today and the meal your family will eat tomorrow, all started with seed. It is something we take for granted.Those of us in the seed business take our responsibility very seriously. We preserve and multiply seed not just for our generation but for those who will come after us.



Brotherton Seed Inc

brotherton seedsSince Brotherton Seed Company, Inc. was established in 1936, our commitment to quality has enabled us to win the confidence and trust of food processors and fresh market dealers worldwide. Today, Brotherton Seed represents the experience of four generations of vegetable seed producers.